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nb-wireless-dr-950-unltd-free-v2.0.1.mp4" type="video/mp4" /> The recovery of tungsten from waste slag for the production of tungsten metal is an important industrial process. Tungsten-rich waste slag is generally obtained as a by-product of an electrolytic process for producing tungsten metal from the electrolysis of a tungsten-containing electrolyte. In the early stages of such a process, the electrolyte is poured onto a supporting cathode, the anode is then connected to the supporting cathode and current is passed through the cell until the electrolyte solidifies. The solidified mass is then broken up and separated into fractions. The top fraction, which is generally highly concentrated in tungsten, is then further processed to recover pure tungsten metal. This fraction is generally referred to as "tungsten concentrate". The bottom fraction, which may be water, waste slag, or a blend of these materials, is referred to as the "slag". Processing the waste slag for recovery of tungsten requires the removal of particulates and the removal of dissolved metals, most of which are present in the slag as the metal oxides, or as hydrated forms. In some cases, the slag may contain dissolved salts, such as ammonium salts, in addition to the dissolved metals, making it more difficult to remove dissolved metals from the slag by simple evaporation of the water. Various methods have been proposed for recovering tungsten from the waste slag. The slag is subjected to a froth flotation process using the difference in solubility between tungsten and a gangue constituent of the slag. The froth is then treated with a suitable hydrometallurgical solvent, such as a water-soluble sulfite or an aqueous solution of a chloride or bromide, to dissolve the tungsten, leaving the gangue behind. The water and residual chlorides or bromides are then removed and the tungsten thus obtained is then recovered. Various other procedures have also been proposed for recovering tungsten from waste slag, including electrowinning and electrorefining. However, these processes have several disadvantages.



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Fl-studio-10.0-9-team-air-crack [Latest-2022]
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