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HY 100 Series (230V 1 Phase 50Hz)

Hydraulic oil coolers are used to cool hydraulic fluid circulating in the system. Coolers also reduce deterioration of hydraulic oil and enable performance improvement. Hidros provide HY and HM series air cooled oil coolers with AC, DC, electric or hydraulic motor driven fans.

Hydraulic Oil Cooler HY 100 Series


  • Oil coolers with AC driven fans

  • From 2.5 litre/min up to 190 litre/min flow rate

  • Single or three phase options

  • 72-75 dB noise level

  • Anti-blockage turbulators

  • Epoxy painted

  • Radiator side is aluminum alloy

  • With fixed thermostat (60/48 oC as standard)

  • Interchangeable with most common brands

  • working pressure is 24 bar

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