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MM Series Orbit Motors.png

MM Series Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic motors provide the force and supply the motion to move an external load. Hidros provide complete line of low speed, high torque hydraulic motors for agricultural, mobile and industrial applications. The MM Series has a compact design. The rollerless gear rim makes these types suitable for long operating periods at moderate pressures or short operating periods at high pressures. Different shaft, flange and port options are available.


Max. displacement: Up to 50 cc/rev
Max. torque: 4.5 daNm (Cont. operation), 5.8 daNm (Intermittent operation)
Max. output power: 3.2 kW
Max. pressure drop: 105 bar (Cont. operation), 140 bar (Intermittent operation)
Max. oil flow: 25 litre/min
Min. speed: 20 rpm

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