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MR:B Series Orbit Motors.png

MR/B Series Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic motors provide the force and supply the motion to move an external load. Hidros provide complete line of low speed, high torque hydraulic motors for agricultural, mobile and industrial applications. MR/B series are with dual shaft and the rollers in the gear rim reduce local stress, spread the tooth load over their projected area and reduce the tangential reaction forces on the inner gear reducing friction to a minimum. This gives long operating life and better efficiency even at continuous high pressures.


Max. displacement: Up to 397 cc/rev
Max. torque: 30 daNm (Cont. operation), 43 daNm (Intermittent operation)
Max. output power: 13 kW
Max. pressure drop: 175 bar (Cont. operation), 200 bar (Intermittent operation)
Max. oil flow: 75 litre/min

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