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PK80 with Automatic Kickout Feature

Directional control valves are one of the core elements in a hydraulic circuit. They help directing the fluid to different components in the system. Hidros provide monoblock, sectional, and solenoid-operated spool type control valves with different flow capacities and spool options

PK80 Special Directional Control Valves.png

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These valves are for use in a machine having a part moved by hydraulic pressure under control of a manual control valve which has a detent for holding it in an actuating position. The kickout valve is engaged when the movable part reaches a pre-established position. The valve is opened and admits fluid under pressure through a circuit leading to the control valve, where it causes release of the detent and allows the control valve to seek a closed or hold position and the moving part to come to rest.

Nominal flow rate: 80 litre/min
Max. Pressure: P: 250 bar, T: 50 bar, A-B: 300 bar
Spool type: Standard open centre spool (A spool), different spool options
Number of spools: From 1 to 6
Leakage: 18 cm3/min at 120 bar (From A,B to T)
Fluid temperature range: -10 oC … +80 oC
Working fluid: Mineral based hydraulic oil
Viscosity: 10-100 cSt (46 cSt mineral based hydraulic oil is recommended, may vary in different climates)
Filtration: 10 to NAS 1638

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