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What is Hydraulic Mini Power Unit ?

Hello everyone. We continue to share hydraulic posts, saying that knowledge is valuable as it is shared. In this article, we will talk about hydraulic mini power units. In general, we can think of it as hydraulic systems consisting of an electric motor (or gasoline engine), oil tank and pump. It provides the necessary hydraulic energy to operate the hydraulic motors and cylinders in the system which do the work. These systems can have a wide variety of designs from units with 4-5 kW power, which we call mini power units to industrial units with larger power.

Hydraulic mini Hydraulic power unit (22 kW)

power unit (0.8 kW)

Hydraulic mini power units are used in many applications such as car lifts, dock levelers, wheelchair lifts, tippers, scissor lifts, hydraulic presses, agricultural machinery. For example, in a feed mixer in the picture below, hydraulic energy was used to perform conveyor and cover movements and a mini power unit was used.

Hydraulic mini power

unit in a feed mixer machine

We mentioned that these units are actually hydraulic systems. Well, let’s take a closer look at what components mini power units basically consist of.

  1. Prime mover: In order to operate hydraulic pump, it must be driven by an actuator. It can be an electric motor which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. AC or DC electric motors can be used according to system needs.

  2. Coupling: It is the part that transmits the movement from the electric motor to the pump.

  3. Main block: We can consider this aluminum block as the brain of the system. There are channels inside which hydraulic oil passes. The fluid reaches various components through this block.

  4. Hydraulic pump: Consider this component as the heart of the system, it is the component that pressurizes the oil and provides flow to the system.

  5. Suction pipe and filter: Hydraulic systems are seriously affected by contaminants. Mini power units also have a filter in the suction line.

  6. Oil tank: It is the component that stores the fluid in the system, prevents contaminants from entering the system and contributes to the cooling of the oil. It can be used in different designs and capacities.

  7. Pressure relief valve: As in every system, there is a valve in hydraulic systems which protects the system from sudden pressures and limits the pressure.

  8. Poppet valve: This valve is actually a directional control valve, it is usually used in mini power units for holding the load and unloading purposes when necessary.

  9. Special valve groups: There are various valve groups that are mounted directly on the main block according to our requirement and the cylinders we use. Solenoid valves can also be used in this group.

To summarize, with the help of power units we actually get a linear or circular motion and force. Mini power units are widely used in applications which do not require very large powers because they are compact and economical. Today, with technological developments, specifications of the components used in these units are changing and different designs are emerging. As Hidros Group family, we produce mini power units up to 5 kW and continue to provide hydraulic solutions by closely following the change in market.

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