Steering Unit HKU/5

Hydrostatic steering is an hydraulic steering system that does not require mechanical steering linkage. In place of mechanical linkage, a steering unit and steering cylinders along with flexible hoses are used.  Hidros provide steering units which are used in industrial vehicles, agricultural tractors, marine ships, constructional equipment and servo-type systems where directional steering is needed.

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The HKU(S)…/5(D)(T)(TU) range expands the steering units family with the “Closed Centre – Non Reaction and Load Sensing Outlet” version (static and dynamic hydraulic connection to the priority valve) These steering units are used together with priority valves. Priority valves ensure adequate flow to steering unit.

Max. displacement: Up to 623.6 cc/rev
Hydraulic circuit: Closed centre, non load reaction
Rated pressure: From 125 bar up to 175 bar
Max. oil flow: Up to 63 litre/min


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