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Steering Unit HKUS/4

Hydrostatic steering is an hydraulic steering system that does not require mechanical steering linkage. In place of mechanical linkage, a steering unit and steering cylinders along with flexible hoses are used.  Hidros provide steering units which are used in industrial vehicles, agricultural tractors, marine ships, constructional equipment and servo-type systems where directional steering is needed.

HKUS:4 Hydraulic Steering Units.png

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HKUS series steering units are based on the HKU series units but have built-in relief and check valves. They enable very compact system which reduces the need for additional hydraulic components.

Max. displacement: Up to 495 cc/rev
Hydraulic circuit: Open centre, non-load reaction
Rated pressure: From 140 bar up to 170 bar
Max. oil flow: Up to 50 litre/min
Different setting options for pressure relief valve

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