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VAU MS Series Crossover Relief Valve

Pressure relief valves are used in hydraulic systems to limit the system pressure to a specific set level. If this set level is reached, the pressure relief valve responds and feeds the excess flow from the system back to oil tank. Hidros provide inline pressure relief valves with different setting ranges.

VAU MS Series Dual Crossover Relief Valves


Valve block consists of two relief valves. It enables to keep the pressure setting of outlet in cylinder/hydraulic motor in a certain value. They are ideal for preventing shock pressure or two different setting is needed on different lines. These valves can be assembled on MP/MR and MS series hydraulic motors directly.

Port size: BSP 1/2’’
Max. flow: 50 litre/min
Max. pressure: 350 bar
Standard pressure setting range is 30-180 bar, valves are set at 90 bar. Please contact us for different setting ranges.

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