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6 Way Solenoid Operated Diverter Valves

6 way 2 position (6/2) solenoid operated diverter valves are used often in fluid power applications. They enable to add an extra function to lever operated directional control valve. By this means user can operate an additional actuator (hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor) in the system.

These valves are used together with lever operated control valves. Basically there are six ports and one drain port on the valve body. Two of these ports are connected with working ports of the lever operated control valve. Other four ports can be connected to actuators that we want to operate. Depends on pressure in the system, drain port should be connected to tank. When we energise the valve coil, we can “select” oil flow between two actuators. So we can also call these valves “selector valves”. They can be stackable so number of ways can be increase. (8 ways, 10 ways, …)

Here is an example, selector valve is used to make selective connection between primary (to turn shovel left and right) and secondary cylinder (to turn shovel)

Another example of a selector valve used in an attachment together with hydraulic motor.

Most common selector valve flow rates are 50 L/min and 90 L/min with 12 V & 24 V DC coil option.

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