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Hydraulic Parts for Concrete Mixer & Pumps

Dear Partner,

As Hidros Group company, our aim is to offer our clients best quality products with fastest service for many years. Our products are used in industrial and mobile hydraulic industry as well as the agricultural sector. We participate successfully on the World Fluid Power market as supplier. According to our previous history and experiences, we study and develop new products every day to satisfy our business partners and what the hydraulic industry needs. "Inventory” is the key to success in this business. If you don't have what a customer wants, they'll go somewhere else. So we're constantly working to build the most comprehensive hydraulic parts inventory for all brands.

We would like to announce hydraulic parts which are widely used in concrete mixer and concrete pumps. Complete set including hydraulic motors, gear pump, various valves and hydraulic oil cooler.


Putzmeister Hydraulic Putzmeister Hydraulic

Motor OEM No: 238130001 Motor OEM No: 484279

Putzmeister Hydraulic Pitzmeister Hydraulic

Motor OEM No: 434196 Pump OEM No: 235383000

Putzmeister Hydraulic Putzmeister Pressure

Valve OEM No: 55210159 Regulator OEM No:283736007

Putzmeister Pressure Putzmeister Pressure

Reducing Valve Relief Valve OEM No: 240888008

Putzmeister Oil Cooler

In order to see the full product range, feel free to visit our website.

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